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Bitcoin Casino Australia

Top 3 Casinos

Wild Fortune
100 up to AU$500 bonus + 100 FS
King Billy
A$2500 + 250 FS
A$1000 + 500 FS

Best Casinos That Accept Bitcoin

Zoome Welcome bonus A$1000 + 500 FS
Moons Welcome bonus 675% UP TO $1000
Brazino777 Welcome bonus A$100
Ricky Welcome bonus A$7500 + 550 Free Spins
Bizzo Welcome bonus A$100
YOJU Welcome bonus A$3000 + 100 Free Spins
Casitsu Casino
Casitsu Casino Welcome bonus 300% up to A$1000
Fastpay Welcome bonus A$150 + 100 FS
Tangiers Welcome bonus 750% UP TO A$1500
KatsuBet Welcome bonus A$100

📃 Bitcoin Payment System: How to Use It

As a kind of payment system, Bitcoin began to be used in 2009, which was a new dawn in the world of online gambling. Bitcoin is a digital currency and is essentially a virtual secret code. It is sent to the user after registration on a cryptocurrency site, and its presence makes it possible to open your wallet. Bitcoin wallet owners buy Bitcoins by exchanging them for dollars or other currency in a system similar to Torrent. When creating a wallet, you don't have to enter your name or surname or any other personal information - only email and a code number, which is very attractive to users. In contrast to other popular systems such as PayPal or Payoneer, when paying with Bitcoins there are no intermediaries, and all transactions take place in a peer-to-peer network. In addition, this system is decentralized. You can store Bitcoins on websites that specialize in hosting e-wallets or on your personal computer and use them however you want. Moreover, you can have as many Bitcoin addresses or Bitcoin wallets as you want and your data will remain anonymous in all cases. The whole mass of Bitcoins is stored on a special platform - blockchain, so there is no way to find out anything about their owners because the user indicator in this case is just a set of numbers. In addition, this currency is not in danger of depreciation, since it does not have a real shell and, accordingly, there is no emission. Of course, a currency that practically does not exist cannot have a default. The use of Bitcoin completely frees the user from any financial regulators, the control of government agencies such as tax inspections, or the police. In this payment system, each consumer is guaranteed complete anonymity.

🔥 Number of Casinos20+
💳 Deposit AlternativesNeosurf, Flexepin
🎁 Max Welcome BonusA$1500
🎲 Casino Games170+
💰 Best Bitcoin CasinoBambet casino

🎰 How to choose a Reliable Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casinos offer significant advantages if you choose one carefully. We have prepared a few tips on how not to make a mistake. Pay attention to the license. Software licensing has always been considered a complicated aspect of an online casino business, but without it, the resource will not be able to function long and successfully. Honest companies will openly state that they have gone through all the procedures to obtain a license. In confirmation of this, as a rule, the corresponding document is placed on the main page. Players should understand who licensed the casino, as well as be able to learn about other important details so that in the future there should be no doubt about the safety and reliability of a particular casino. Always check how fast the platform carries out transactions, how quickly payments are processed, and how quickly the system credits the player's account. The variety of free online pokies in Australia. Remember, a good casino range of games will be focused on the different tastes of many users and is unlikely to be limited to a dozen standard games.
Availability of a mobile version. When choosing a Bitcoin casino in Australia, pay attention also to the adaptability of the platform to mobile devices, this indicates the professionalism of the developers and how carefully they worked on the resource. In addition, the mobile version will simply allow you not to limit yourself in the games, even if there is no access to a computer or laptop.
Client support. The best crypto casino in Australia will certainly have a section with user support, which will be placed on the telephone hotline, email casino, as well as other contacts that allow the client to contact the administration of the resource. In some cases, there is a chat button with a consultant, who will help solve all the problems and answer questions from the player. The best companies always emphasize customer service: they answer quickly, providing all the necessary information. Feedback from other players. Always carefully study other players' reactions to a particular online Bitcoin casino. As a rule, it makes no sense for the real players to lie about the shortcomings of a particular resource, but you, on the contrary, will read unbiased information and be well prepared for any surprises from the best Australian casinos. Read them on third-party resources and thematic forums. Using our rating of the best online Bitcoin casinos in Australia, you will easily find an honest and worthy resource that pays honestly earned winnings without unnecessary questions, regularly pleasing its customers with interesting promotions and special offers, bonuses, and free spins.

💲 Best Places to Buy Bitcoin

The American exchange Coinbase has been at the top of many of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for a long time. It has a user-friendly interface, and the cryptocurrency stored on Coinbase's servers is covered by the company's insurance. Coinmama started back in 2013 and has been steadily offering its Bitcoin services ever since. This platform has no built-in wallet and the assets purchased are transferred to an address specified by the user. This makes it more secure than other resources because, in the case of hacking, users' funds will not suffer.
BestBuy is an Australian resource that allows you to buy Bitcoins. Money can be deposited on BitBay by bank transfer, bank card transfer, and cryptocurrency transfer. During working hours, fiat is credited within 30 minutes. Finnish company LocalBitcoins started its work in digital currency trading in 2012. Here you can trade Bitcoin for various fiat currencies in more than 200 countries around the world. The transaction process from registration to receiving Bitcoins takes no more than five minutes. Coinhouse is a popular European crypto exchange. Users can make purchases, trade, and other various activities using bank cards and fiat money. This makes Coinhouse quite convenient - especially for those taking their first steps into cryptocurrencies.

🎮 How to Play as an Anonym at Bitcoin Casino

Playing at a real money casino Australia for Bitcoin casinos should be extremely careful because there are enough willing to take possession of the user's personal information to rob. Therefore, under no circumstances should you give your personal information to Bitcoin services. Meaning does not write any identifying information, both while playing games in an online Bitcoin casino, and during the registration of an e-wallet. Play only on verified Bitcoin platforms with a brilliant reputation and no questions asked. When registering, they often ask for an email address and this is perfectly normal. We strongly recommend that users create a separate email address for Bitcoin transactions to avoid any leakage of personal information. Use a different Bitcoin wallet for each transaction. Creating the right number of wallets is easy, but even that simple move will keep you safe. This will prevent you from creating persistent transaction patterns, which will already increase the level of protection of your data. In addition, always make a backup copy of your private key. You can store it on a USB thumb drive, but be careful as there have been known instances of thumb drives being lost or damaged by children and pets. You can also write the private key on paper (it is not recommended to use a printer and print it out), but again, keep it in a safe place.

📍 Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

  • First and foremost, security. Using Bitcoins, the player gets the opportunity to avoid the transfer of personal information to anyone. It is the absence of third parties when making payments that make cryptocurrency one of the most profitable means of payment. The painful place of traditional casinos is the security service, which can block your account at the slightest suspicion of fraud. In cryptocurrency casinos, the probability of blocking your account due to the suspicious origin of funds is negligible. Thus, one of the key properties of Bitcoin works in cryptocasinos - the user's money belongs to the user;
  • This also includes the complete anonymity of the user. Thanks to this, all the funds will be completely safe and the game in the Bitcoin casino online will turn into sheer pleasure. The user will not have to enter data such as name, card, country, and others. All operations with digital currency are performed without identity confirmation. That's a big plus for those who are very important for anonymity. To make a payment, the player only needs to provide an email address;
  • Another important factor is the speed of transactions. Playing at crypto casino Australia allows the player to withdraw and deposit money to his account much faster than at other resources.
    The absence of any taxes and commissions also plays a significant role. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, it cannot be controlled by any state or company. For the player, it guarantees the absence of any commissions, taxes, and other additional payments;
  • Responsive customer support. If you have any questions, the player can always write to the appropriate email address, call, or ask in a special chat room. This not only greatly simplifies the interaction between the user and the casino, but also reduces the time to solve routine moments to a minimum.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Instability and constant fluctuations. In general, transfers in the Bitcoin network are considered quite cheap. Moreover, this is true when the network is not overloaded with transactions. But at times of increased congestion, you can pay $10 or even $20 commission for a $100 equivalent transfer, which doesn't look that attractive to BTC casino players. The problem barely existed when cryptocurrency was mostly just discussed in forums. However, as new wallets appeared online, people became more active in transferring Bitcoins to each other. When major media outlets publish sensational news and articles about Bitcoin, it increasingly leads to higher transaction costs and longer processing times. BTC's sharp fluctuations in price are a rather controversial feature of the cryptocurrency. In the short term, it can cause inconvenience and even losses. This is especially obvious if a player buys Bitcoins with fiat money solely for casino games. After withdrawing the cryptocurrency, he will have to transfer it back to fiat, and he can lose a lot of money on it.
High taxes. If a player wins, he may be faced with a requirement to pay a certain amount to get the money when he withdraws his winnings. The amount depends directly on which country the user is in and the situation in the cryptocurrency market. Because of this, the player must constantly monitor the situation of Bitcoin, otherwise, there is a risk of losing a lot of money.
There are no refunds. In case of conflicts or other sensitive situations, the player seldom gets his funds back. Again, this is due to the specifics of cryptocurrency. To get at least a chance of getting money back, the user must contact the casino directly and explain the situation in detail. That is why it is worth paying enough time to find the Bitcoin best online casinos to protect yourself from such mishaps in the first place.

👍 Types of Bitcoin Wallets

There are two main types of Bitcoin wallets - cold and hot. The main difference between them is that the former are vaults that are not connected to the Internet. The latter is the same Bitcoin vaults whose private key is either on the Internet or devices connected to it. Online wallets are the simplest kind of hot wallet. It can be embedded in a browser or can be set up on an exchange. Such a wallet can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. It is convenient to store Bitcoins in this wallet and its working principle resembles an online bank, but it is very important to pay attention to check the service's reliability. Wallet creation and storage platforms are some of the main targets of hackers. A hardware wallet is one of the safest ways to store cryptocurrency. A small device can always be kept on hand or put in a safe. The pluses of this wallet include anonymity - it does not store personal information about the user. However, at the same time, they can be vulnerable to hacking. Software wallets are an application for computers that stores information about your Bitcoin wallet. In theory, such wallets can be cold - if you don't plan to ever connect your computer to the network. The pluses of a desktop wallet compared to an online solution include the fact that it is less vulnerable to potential hacking. The fact is that the data is not stored on another company's server, but your computer. Your keys will be safer if all precautions are taken.

💰 Play Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Many Bitcoin casinos that once ventured to build a Bitcoin business soared to the very top of the gambling business, and they still hold the bar high today. Of course, constant fluctuations in the price of the cryptocurrency create inconveniences in building an earning strategy, but despite this, there are still many advantages for best BTC casinos. Therefore, the desire of casinos to switch to Bitcoin as a means of payment is easy to explain. Of course, one of the most mutually beneficial features of Bitcoin is the absence of limits. It is quite expensive for casinos to make deposits in regular currency, so operators have to limit the minimum and maximum deposit amount. At the same time, depositing Bitcoins, you cannot think about its size: the minimum deposit casinos will always be 1 Satoshi (the minimum cryptocurrency unit), and the maximum is determined only by the user. All you need from the player's side is to create an electronic wallet, and then play in the selected Australian Bitcoin Casino.

💸 How to Make Deposits with Bitcoin

The first step to start using Bitcoins as a means of payment is to create a wallet. You do not have to provide an email address, but it's better to do so: then you will receive an email with an identifier (which is used to log into the wallet). As a rule, the keys are stored in an encrypted file wallet.dat (wallet), protected by a password. Of course, you can also keep your cryptocurrency in your account on the exchange, but the safest bet is to take it out and put it in a "safe" after you buy it. Even if the exchange is hacked, your savings will not fall into the hands of hackers. It is very important to choose a place to store your cryptocurrency savings wisely.
As soon as the player creates an electronic wallet, he will need to buy cryptocurrency, to replenish it. The safest way to buy is by buying Bitcoins through specialized exchangers and exchanges. Before you make your choice, you should familiarize yourself with the exchange rates of other exchangers. You may also use one of the provided methods: choose from our list an online casino that accepts Bitcoins and register there to deposit your wallet directly through the platform; go to the "Cashier section" and Deposit Your BTCs. After completing the first three steps, you will be able to deposit your online casino balance for the first time with the desired amount. Now all you need to do is to choose a suitable Bitcoin online casino; that’s all - from now on you can start playing in the Bitcoin casino Aus! As soon as the player confirms the transaction, he will be able to see his balance in the appropriate field in a few seconds.

💰 Bitcoin Casino Withdrawals

To withdraw funds, the player will need to approach the cashier in the selected casino and open the withdrawal function. If you are familiar with the process of regular e-wallet transactions, withdrawal through a casino has an almost identical pattern. Select BTC as your withdrawal method. Enter the necessary details for the withdrawal. These include your e-wallet address as well as the amount you want to withdraw. No more personal information is required from the gambler - as said, everything is completely anonymous. Wait for the successful completion of the transaction. In contrast to other payment systems, transactions are extremely fast here, which saves players a lot of time. The average transaction processing time is a few seconds to a minute. If a player decides not to cash out his winnings, and continue to keep them in an electronic wallet, we recommend taking into account the factor of constant price fluctuations and instability of the cryptocurrency market.

📲 Mobile Gambling With Bitcoin

Internet gambling is becoming more and more widely available and between not only desktop and laptop users but among players who prefer to play their favourite casino games and video slots on mobile devices. The fact that modern mobile technology can offer an identical set of different features is no longer surprising. Moreover, more and more people are finally realizing this. These days, "mobile" is associated with convenience, being connected, at your fingertips. It's all very similar in the case of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, are Bitcoin casinos for mobile devices the perfect solution for millions of online players worldwide? Thanks to the mobile version of the online casino Bitcoin, every player can now spend all his free time as he wishes. He can be hundreds or thousands of miles away from home with a good old PC or Mac. Now, this will not be a problem, because mobile versions or clients are available to play, offered by your chosen BTC casino or sports office (bookmaker).

🎁 Exclusive Bonuses for Australian Bitcoin Players

Australian gamblers are incredibly lucky - for them, the Bitcoin online casino Australia has already prepared a system of bonuses, which are available only within the country. In general, there is a huge number of bonuses, but not all of them are worthy of attention. Experienced gamblers have learned to distinguish between useless "enticements" and rewards with fair conditions. The latter is another feature of the best Bitcoin casinos in 2022. Everyone loves no deposit bonuses. A few dozen free spins for registration are already reason enough to try out gambling at a particular site. Even if they do not have the smallest wager, no deposit bonuses still lift your spirits. As a rule, it is either free spins or game currency. No deposit bonuses can be issued after registration, and in the future, for example, active players. To receive them, it is not necessary to replenish the account, but you will have to win back encouragement according to the wager. Deposit bonuses are treated more seriously, as gamblers are used to quite large bonus amounts. Welcome bonuses of the best cryptocurrency casinos often allow you to get up to several Bitcoins to your bonus account - if the deposit amount from the Australian player is appropriate. Very often Bitcoin best casinos also give free bonus spins. They are most often given at registration, or during any events on the platform. They can also be given as an incentive to particularly active players or be a component of a VIP account. Promo codes are also common in casinos. They can be different, entered, for example, when registering an account. If you are a high roller to all this, then you should make sure that the crypto gambling site has a VIP program just for you. VIP programs usually offer much bigger bonuses, exclusive promotions, birthday gifts, invitations to exclusive events, and VIP host (account manager). Don't forget about the benefits of joining a Bitcoin casino site loyalty program, it's worth it.

📝 History of Bitcoin

At all times people have gambled with money or its commodity equivalents: jewellery, clothes, food, and other possessions up to houses and ships. It is quite natural that in our digital age gambling uses digital money, i.e. cryptocurrencies. The first and most common of them is Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken a huge segment of the gaming market and are unlikely to ever leave their high position. Digital money has long ceased to be the prerogative of casinos only and is used everywhere where there is an element of play and excitement. The first online casinos that work with Bitcoin appeared in early 2013, and since then Google has begun to produce more and more links on the relevant query. The most famous of these is the SatoshiDice automated casino, with which there are many stories of big wins and losses, as well as attempts to cheat the system. This gaming resource generates notable transaction traffic on the Bitcoin network. While Bitcoin is leading the way as a means of gambling payments, other cryptocurrencies are also not abandoning their attempts to take their place in the market. Such cases are so far isolated. Alternatives include DiceLiteCoin, a dice game that uses Litecoin as a means of payment. The site opened in March 2014, supports manual and automatic trading, uses Provably Fair, and has a version for smartphones and tablets. The casino commission is only 1%, which adds to the popularity of the site. Is it realistic to win at a Bitcoin internet casino? The question is popular and quite silly. Of course, it is possible, and the probability of winning in Bitcoin is the same as in the "real" money. Alternatively, do you think that topping up your game balance with a payment card in a casino, registered in Bermuda, gives you more privileges than Bitcoin?


  • 1️⃣ Do all online casinos accept Bitcoin?
    No, Bitcoin online casinos are a separate type of casino, because the cryptocurrency is a completely different payment system than we are used to.
  • 2️⃣ Is it safe to use Bitcoin?
    Yes, thanks to complete anonymity and advanced encryption it is almost impossible to lose your money by accident.
  • 3️⃣ Are Bitcoin Casinos legal in Australia?
    Yes, online Bitcoin casinos are legal in Australia and you can try your hand at it right now!
  • 4️⃣ Do I need to pay commission fees on my winnings?
    Yes, a small percentage of each player's winning has to pay to the casino as commission.