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PayPal Casinos Australia

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❗❗❗ATTENTION: Updated Information: Paypal Doesn't Accept Gambling Transaction FROM AUSTRALIA. Please use Neosurf or Bitcoin❗❗❗

📃 Best Paypal Online Casinos

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💳 PayPal Payments at Online Casinos

When people are gambling on online casinos, they would not like it if their transactions aren't smooth. Deposits and withdrawals might take some time, when certain payment methods are used. Or, the process might be a bit complicated. But that is not the case with PayPal. All users need to do, to be able to use it for their transactions, is have an account there, which is linked with their respective bank accounts, or debit/credit card. Users should make sure to select PayPal as their payment method at the online casino to be able to conduct transactions using this system.
Payments made via this option don't have any minimum or maximum limit, which means, users are at full liberty to transact to their heart's content. But, users should pay attention to the transaction limit set by the site, or their country, so that they don't face any difficulties.
PayPal has been around for a period of almost 20 years, and is a trustworthy app. It is one of the safest platforms for conducting online transactions, which is what makes it so suitable for online casinos. It is also compatible with mobile phones, which means that punters can make transactions on the go.

💳 Deposit AlternativesFlexepin
🎁 Max Welcome BonusA$3000
🎲 Casino Games+170
💰 Best PayPal CasinoKing Billy Сasino

💸 Depositing with PayPal at Online Casinos

Users don't need to worry about making deposits using PayPal. Deposits can be made in a breeze, when it is PayPal that bettors are using. In this section, we take a look at the steps that one needs to follow to be able to make deposits at the online casino.

  1. Sign up and create an account. The first and foremost step to be able to make deposits using PayPal is to sign up and set up an account on this platform. Users need to create an account on PayPal if they wish to conduct transactions using the app. This step also needs a debit or a credit card, to which your account can be linked
  2. Choose the website from our PayPal Casinos List. Once your PayPal account is set up, you can proceed to the next step, which is choosing an online casino which offers PayPal as a payment method. We have mentioned the online casinos which accept it, so feel free to select a site from the list.
  3. Go to the Deposit Section on the site. Once you are at the online casino where you wish to gamble, go to the deposit section of the site. You have to enter the amount you want to deposit in your playing account. You also have to select PayPal as your payment method, otherwise the site would use some other payment method.
  4. Confirm the payment and gamble. No online casino would be a good site for online transactions if it didn't ask the punter to confirm the amount they want to deposit. Almost all genuine sites ask the user to confirm the amount they would be depositing at the site. After you confirm the payment, the required funds would be transferred to your playing account, and you can gamble at the site.

Thus, anyone can clearly see that making deposits using PayPal is no big deal. The process is very simple, and can be easily done by anyone. There are no unnecessary complications, which is what makes the site a favourite among punters. Punters can easily make their deposits, and enjoy gambling on their favourite casino games.

💰 How to Withdraw Winnings Using PayPal?

Once the users have made the deposit, they can start playing at the online casino. As users indulge in casino games, they would be able to bag more and more winnings. So, now it is time to withdraw the winnings. Before withdrawing, make sure you have met the wagering requirements that the site prescribes. After you have met the wagering requirements, follow these steps to make a withdrawal:

  1. Visit Withdrawal Section. This is the section at the online casino where you can actually make withdrawals. When your winnings have met the wagering requirements, you have to visit this section to make the withdrawal.
  2. Choose Withdrawal Method. All online casinos have multiple payment methods, from which users can choose their preferred method. Among the various options, select PayPal as your mode of withdrawal.
  3. Enter Withdrawal Details. At this stage, you are asked to enter the sum that you want to withdraw. So, enter the required amount and proceed. Some sites might ask for further verification of identity or bank account, so punters might have to fill in those details too.
  4. Enjoy! Once the withdrawal details are entered, your transaction will go into processing. Sit back, and relax, because the withdrawn amount would go to your bank account. PayPal withdrawals are generally credited within 24 hours.

Thus, it is clear that anyone can easily make withdrawals using the system. The withdrawal might take some time to be processed, but the process is very easy.

🧐 Understanding how PayPal Works


Dan Schulman

🍀 Headquater

San Jose,
California U.S.

✨ Revenue

US$13.1 billion

🚀 Website


💲 PayPal Deposit Benefits

PayPal has been functioning for almost 20 years now. This means, obviously, they have something which they are doing right. PayPal has amassed a huge number of users, which means, the site can be trusted easily. No one risks their hard-earned money by transacting on untrustworthy sites. These are some of the benefits of using PayPal to make deposits at an online casino:

  • Fast and safe transactions. PayPal is one of the oldest e-wallets on the internet. And it is rightly said that old is gold. Here, the transactions are end-to-end encrypted. Users have the option to enable the Security Key feature, which provides an additional security.
  • Great reputation. PayPal has more than 300 million users, and the number still keeps growing. It is also known for it's safe transactions, so naturally, it has a great reputation. The site has been able to keep up the good name it has garnered over the years, which says a lot about it's dedication to provide a safe platform for electronic transactions.
  • Easy to pay via mobile and laptop. PayPal is easy to use, and is compatible with PCs, laptops and mobiles. This makes it more favourable among users. In today's age, people prefer to get their tasks done on mobile phones. PayPal helps to fulfil that.
  • High deposit limits. PayPal does not have any lower or upper limits for conducting transactions. It means, there is no minimise or maximum amount that the users have to adher to. The transaction limit is set by the online casinos. Users can make the highest possible transactions without worrying.

💡 PayPal Deposit Drawbacks

Nothing in the world comes only with benefits. It would be irresponsible to assume that PayPal is all rainbows and sunshine. Naturally, PayPal also has some disadvantages, which are mentioned below:

  • Lack of online casinos that take PayPal. PayPal is not a payment method which is accepted by everyone. Although online casinos are slowly starting to accept PayPal, the percentage is way too low when compared to the number of online casinos present on the internet.
  • Not all countries accept PayPal. It might be a multinational company, but there are some countries which do not accept PayPal. In these countries, online casino sites too, refuse from enlisting the system as a supported payment method.
  • Fees. The biggest drawback that PayPal has, is the fact that the transactions conducted on it, are mostly, not free. There is a charge imposed on the transactions, which varies from nation to nation, but is generally quite a lot, when compared to the winnings that users manage to get from online casinos.

🎰 Top Online Casinos That Accept PayPal

Online gambling is not a hush-hush deal in Australia. It is very much legitimate, which makes it easier for online casinos to offer payments methods that are trusted and recognised by the people. PayPal has been around for so long, and the humongous number of users it has just goes on to prove how trustworthy the payment method is. So, a lot of Australian Casinos are beginning to accept PayPal as a trusted method for payment. Some of the top online casinos, which accept this mode of payment, are the following:
Fastpay Casino: It is a site established in the year 2018, and is licensed by the government of Curacao. The minimum deposit required on the site is $10. The best thing about PayPal is, it follows the rules and regulations of the areas where it is being used. So, if a casino offers this mode as a payment method, it is safe to assume that the site is legal, and safe to use.

📝 History of PayPal

PayPal is an e-wallet developed by the financial technology company PayPal Holdings, Inc. It was founded collectively by Peter Thief, Luke Nosek, Max Lechin, Yu Pan and Elon Musk. The application has been around for more than 20 years.
Initially, it was founded as Confinity in 1998, which developed into X.com in 2000, which finally evolved to give way to the PayPal of today. The company went public with the help of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2002. Since then, the app has come a long way, and became famous all over the world, and is now accepted almost everywhere.
In 2002, eBay was able to acquire the company, given the fact that around 25% auctions on the site accepted PayPal as a payment method. In 2007, the platform was able to partner with MasterCard, which meant PayPal was a part of the transactions, but users were not exactly using the platform.
In 2015, PayPal was spinned off into a completely different public company from eBay. Up till 2015, starting from 2002, it was referred to as a subsidiary of eBay. PayPal initially came into being as a payment method solely for the site of eBay. The founders realised that without digital payment options, the transactions on online shopping sites (like eBay) were getting delayed, which further delayed the delivery of these goods.
In May 2018, PayPal bought the Swedish startup, iZettle for $2.2 billions. In the same year, PayPal was also able to purchase Hyperwallet for $400 millions.
Thus, we can clearly see that PayPal has come a long way from where they started. The company has laboured, and came through, landing on people's expectations of how websites can conduct safe online transactions to their users.


  • 1️⃣ Are there any commission fees?
    Punters have to pay a fee of 2.6%+$30 when they make a withdrawal. All incoming payments are subjected to this fee.
  • 2️⃣ Are PayPal deposits and withdrawals instant?
    When users make deposits using PayPal, they are usually processed instantly. But withdrawals on PayPal take some time, normally around 24 hours.
  • 3️⃣ What is the minimum amount I can deposit via PayPal?
    The greatest news for punters is that there is absolutely no minimum limit when users make payments through this app.
  • 4️⃣ What is the maximum amount I can deposit via PayPal?
    Users can also rejoice upon learning that the deposits that users make, using PayPal , have no maximum limit either.
  • 5️⃣ Do all casinos accept PayPal deposits?
    Most of the Australian online casinos don't accept this payment option but we ahve done our best to create the most up to date list of casinos that accept PayPal.