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Live Casinos Online in Australia

Top 3 Casinos

A$1500 + 150 FS
King Billy
100% up to AU$ 800 + 200 Free Spins

Top Live Casinos for Aussies

Playamo Welcome bonus A$1500 + 150 FS
Axecasino Welcome bonus A$5000
King Billy
King Billy Welcome bonus 100% up to AU$ 800 + 200 Free Spins
Spin Samurai
Spin Samurai Welcome bonus A$2000 + 100 FS
Woo Welcome bonus A$300 + 200 FS
True Flip
True Flip Welcome bonus A$1000
True Blue
True Blue Welcome bonus 200% up to A$2000
Play Croco
Play Croco Welcome bonus 200% up to A$5000
Rich Welcome bonus 25 FS
CasinoChan Welcome bonus A$500

What is a Live Casino?

Live casinos offer casino players completely new emotions. The best live casino makes the player feel like a participant in a land-based casino. Every live casino player can experience the atmosphere of a real casino from the comfort of their room. Modern live casino Australia offers its players the best gaming solutions from the best software developers. You can play the best games with professional live dealers. Each online player is allowed to interact with the dealers, place bets, and ask questions during play. There is also live chat with other players. Besides, live casino online Australia offers different views of the table through different cameras, and you can feel like you are playing sitting at the real table with other players. Playing your favourite games live enriches your gaming experience and gives unforgettable emotions. You can receive hours of fun playing the best card and table games.

Advantages of Live Casino

Like all games, live dealer online casino games have their pros and cons. In live dealer casino games, the player can find several advantages. Below we will tell you more about each positive aspect that players of casinos with live dealers have highlighted.

  • Professional Casino Dealers. Professional dealers will play live casino with you. They have work experience, the necessary qualifications and are difficult opponents to play. They accept bets, deal cards, play the game like they would in a real land-based casino. They are real people who can use tactics against players, being the masters of a particular game.
  • 100% Safety. The player is completely safe as the entire process of the game is recorded. The player monitors the process of the game and if he has doubts about the correctness of the game, he can contact the support service. An online casino live dealer curator will review the game footage and conclude if any of the rules have been violated. Therefore, the player does not have to worry about being deceived.
  • HD Quality Video Streaming. In the world of modern technology, players have the best quality gadgets that allow them to watch the online casino Australia game in the best quality. Players can see in detail the entire process of the game, clearly see the dealer, their opponent, which allows them to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game.
  • Real Atmosphere. Thanks to the good quality and the environment with real people, the player can feel in the atmosphere of a real money casino, which he missed so much. Players can communicate with other players and live dealers, watch the process of the game live, without speeding up or rewinding the game. Everything happens in real time.

Disadvantages of Live Casino

Having listed the advantages, it is necessary for balance to list the disadvantages that badly affect the game and the players should take them into account. Thus, online live casino has disadvantages that the player should pay attention to. We have highlighted the following disadvantages.

  • Only real money games. Unfortunately, live dealer games are only available for real money. It is not possible to play with live dealers for free. Therefore, it is better to first practice the free version of the game against the computer, and then start playing with live dealers.
  • Limited selection of games. Most of the live casinos online games that can be played with live dealers are card or table games. There are only a few variations of every game in which a live dealer is available. Thus, playing the same games with casino live dealer all the time can sometimes get boring.
  • It uses more internet traffic. Since the game is played with real people, the dealer online casinos use more internet traffic to download. Some players will be unhappy with this traffic as they have limited traffic for a month or a day. Therefore, consider this if you want to play with live dealers.
  • Slow game speed. The game takes place in real time, and the player cannot influence its speed in any way. The whole process depends on the dealer and how he plays the game. A certain amount of time is allocated for all stages of the game, and the dealer follows them. Therefore, it is impossible to speed up or slow down the course of the live dealer casino game. Everything just depends on the dealer’s game.

Best Live Games to Play

If you do want to play live dealer games, then you should know that live dealer games are limited to card and table games only. A player cannot spin slots together with a live dealer. Thus, we have compiled for you a list of the most popular games that you can play casino with live dealers.

  • Roulette. The board game attracts many players around the world due to the variety of its bets. The player can bet on a number, its colour, odd or even, a dozen or a half, in which the number is located. The range of bets and wins is varied. A live casino dealer will only add spice and flavour to the game.
  • Blackjack. Playing with blackjack cards is based on counting the number of cards. Each card has a specific value. The player’s goal is to beat the dealer by collecting 21 or less, but more than the dealer’s cards. It is more interesting to play blackjack in an online casino with a live dealer because he can use strategies that the computer will not use.
  • Baccarat. The card game with live dealers allows the player to play casino live and feel like in a real casino. The player needs to count the sum of the cards and make sure that it is equal to 9 or less, but more than the sum of the dealer’s cards. Playing against a real opponent adds interesting moments to the gameplay.
  • Poker. The player watches as the dealer deals cards and places 3 cards on the table. Then he assesses the situation and decides whether to play further. In subsequent stages, the dealer adds 2 more cards to the table. The goal of the game on the live dealer sites is to collect a certain combination, which will be more winning than the others.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a popular casino table game. This game has several variations from modern providers, but the essence of the game remains top live casinos unchanged. Players have to guess the number on which the ball on the roulette will land. Thus, we want to talk about how to play roulette, its variations and roulette with live dealers.
Roulette is an easy-to-understand game. In front of the player, there is a roulette wheel with numbers and a field with numbers. A total of 36 numbers and a zero sector are available. They come in different colours – red and black. The casino Australia live dealer launches a roulette wheel with a ball. While the roulette is spinning, the ball is spinning. As soon as the roulette wheel stops, the ball stops at a certain number, this number is considered to be the winning one for the player of new live casinos. The player places bets before starting the roulette wheel. He can bet on a number, on its colour, even or odd, on a dozen or a half, which contains the winning number. Depending on how accurately the player guesses the number, the player’s winnings increase. If the player bets on a number, then the winnings will be greater. If he bets on a dozen or a half, he gets the smallest win.
Playing roulette in Australian live casinos is not much different from playing against the computer. However, the player can play against a living person, which greatly diversifies the players’ leisure. Playing roulette against live dealers allows many people to bet at the same time and play against one dealer. The player can communicate with other participants, a live dealer using a special chat. Playing real roulette allows the player to feel much more confident and interested in the game. Thus, lucky live casino roulette is a good option for playing with live dealers.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular real live casino card game. There are many variations of this game. They are available in games against live dealers. Thus, we wanted to understand the rules of blackjack and a variation of its game with live dealers. Let us start discussing the rules and process of the game.
Blackjack is played with multiple decks of cards. The casinos live dealers deal two cards to the player and two cards to themselves, but the player sees only his cards and one of the opponent’s cards. The player counts the cards that fell to him. Each card has its value. For example, cards from 2 to 10 give as many points as shown on the face value of the card. Moreover, picture cards give ten points. The ace gives either one or eleven points, depending on the hand the player has. The casino online Australia player’s goal is to collect the sum of cards equal to 21 or to beat the dealer with the sum of cards, less than 21, but more than the dealer’s sum of cards. The player can take several additional cards if he is sure that he needs them. Thus, by counting the cards, the player can place bets on his or the dealer’s victory. Many special functions can be applied while playing.
It is more interesting to play blackjack against a live dealer in Aussie live casinos, as the dealer does not follow the rules and can use strategies to win. A player can play simultaneously with several players and have a different outcome of the game. He can communicate with them and watch the dealer play. Thus, blackjack can be an interesting game to play with live dealers and lead you to big winnings.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular live dealer gambling card game. There are many variations of it. They can both complicate the game and simplify it. However, for now, we want to discuss the rules and process of the classic version of the game of baccarat. Next, we will tell you about the features of playing baccarat live dealers casino.
The principle of baccarat is similar to the principle of Australia live dealer blackjack. In this game, you also need to count the number of cards. Only in baccarat do the cards have different meanings. The dealer deals two cards to himself and the players. Cards from 2 to 9 give as many points as shown on the face value of the card. 10 cards and picture cards do not give points, and an ace gives one point. The sum of the player’s cards must be equal to 9 or less, but more than the sum of the dealer’s cards. If the sum of the cards is more than 10, then the player subtracts 10 points from the sum. The player can take the third card if he feels that he does not have enough points to win. We advise players to take one more card if the sum of their cards is below 5. If the sum is higher than 5, then the player should refrain from additional cards.
Players can play baccarat with casino live dealers and other players. One dealer can conduct several players at the same time, and the player can communicate with the dealer and other players during the game using a special chat. The player can watch the game and the dealer using the camera. The online gambling live dealer is located in a special room reserved for playing baccarat. Thus, if you are tired of playing baccarat alone, then you can join other players and the dealer and play altogether. These games are much more fun than playing alone.

Live Poker

Poker is probably the most famous game of cards. The online casinos with live dealer host many different tournaments for professional poker players. We want to understand the rules of the live casino games of poker and the peculiarities of playing poker with live dealers.
The poker process is interesting by constantly changing cards. In the beginning, the player receives two cards. Three cards appear in front of him on the table. The player must look at all the cards and decide if he can collect one of the combinations. There are many combinations in poker live casinos Australia. The most winning is the royal flush (cards from 10 to ace of the same suit). Such a combination is quite difficult to assemble. The easiest combination to win is a pair (a pair of cards is a pair of eights or nines). After the player has assessed the situation, he can continue or stop playing. After the player’s decision, the gambling live dealers add 4 cards to the table. The player examines the cards again and decides whether to play further. After that, the dealer again draws the 5th card and then it becomes clear whether the player won or not.
It is much more interesting to play with live dealers and other players because you can use various strategies and bluffs. Other players can also use strategies against you, and thus, the game takes on new colours that bring the game to life. Playing poker on the live casino websites and a live dealer allows you to practice before participating in tournaments where games are played against real players, not computers.

Mobile Live Casino Games

Online live casinos are popular with many players, so game creators are focused on making them work well on mobile devices. After all, now it is impossible to imagine a person who would not use a mobile phone. Therefore, more and more casinos are making mobile versions of their sites. There are two options for accessing games on the online casino website – a mobile version from a browser and a mobile casino application.
The mobile version of the best live casinos is a lightweight version of the site. It looks smaller but has the same functionality as its larger version. Players can register, receive bonuses, manage their finances at the checkout, and play games. Games are available even with live dealers. They have a smaller version of the game, but the player can also watch the process of the game and communicate with live dealer and other players. Thus, the player will not lose anything if he plays his favourite games with the dealer on a mobile device.
Not all casinos have a mobile application. However, it is very convenient, since the player downloads it to a mobile device and uses the offered functions. Players can play slot machines, card and board games. Games with live dealers are also available. Players can communicate with the dealer and other players, watch the game, place bets, regulate them, and much more. Thus, both mobile online casinos live options are suitable for playing with live dealers. Choose what the casino of your choice offers or download the mobile application and play as you like, wherever and whenever you want.

Top Live Casino Providers in Australia

There are many online casinos available in Australia. For casino live online to function, modern providers must provide the best gaming software. Thus, we have selected the 3 most popular producers of live games and identified their main features.

  • Playtech. This company specializes in the creation of slot machines, card and board games. Moreover, the provider creates games with the best online live dealers. They have good graphics, interesting features that give the player new opportunities. Among the most famous games are poker, roulette, blackjack, and many others.
  • NetEnt. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of the modern gambling industry. Specialists produce card and table games, slot machines and Australian live casino dealer games. The most famous are the games of poker, blackjack, and their variations.
  • Microgaming. The company specializes in creating games for mobile devices. Among the games, you can find slot machines, card and board games. Additionally, there are games with live dealers. They allow players to play live games on mobile devices.

Best Live Casinos

We have selected for you the best Australia live casino where you can play live dealer games. They are distinguished by the high quality of the game, good bonuses and a variety of payment methods. Moreover, these live online casinos have many live dealer games and more. The player can play slot machines, card games and board games. We would like to highlight the following live dealer casinos:

  1. Playamo. The casino Australia online is known all over the world has a license that ensures safe and legal gambling. It offers many games from the best modern providers Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, IGT, and many others. Welcome bonuses also apply to live dealer games.
  2. Golden Reels. The casino specializes more in slot machines; however, players can play card and table games with the best live online dealers. The casino will delight you with welcome bonuses that a player can spend not only on games with live dealers but also on other games offered in the casino.
  3. Betchan. Players can play live dealer games on the online live dealer casinos site. There is poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette with live dealers. By playing games, players will be able to observe the process and communicate with other players and live dealers. You can only play with live dealers for real money


Playamo live casino au is known all over the world and is one of the best casinos in the gambling market. It has a large arsenal of slot machines, card and table games that the player can play with live dealers. Moreover, such games are available in game mode with other players at the same time. Thus, the player can communicate with real people and be transported to the atmosphere of a real casino filled with real people. Apart from the games, the top live casino has a good bonus policy that has the best bonuses for beginners and professional players. They will help the player to start playing the casino live game offered on the site better. Deposits and withdrawals can be made using credit cards, e-wallets, and many other payment methods that make financial transactions fast.

Golden Reels

Golden Reels Casino specializes in slot machine games. The site contains over 1000 different pokies. In addition to pokies, the player can find the card (poker, blackjack, baccarat) and table (roulette, keno, bingo, domino, chess) games and much more. Additionally, these games are possible in the new live casino dealer mode. Such games allow you to play with other players at the same time and watch the process of the game through a special camera. Apart from games, the casino has a good bonus policy. It offers first deposit refunds and free spins to new players. And professional players will be glad to know that the best live dealer site has a loyalty program that gives bonuses for reaching a certain level of loyalty. Thus, players will be happy with what Golden Reels Casino has to offer.


Betchan Casino has a large selection of gambling solutions for your leisure time. Games include slot machines, card games and board games. These games can be played with live dealers. They are accessed using special cameras in the room where the dealer and the real table from the casino are located. There the dealer plays the game, and the player watches it. In case of an error, the player can contact the dealer casino Australia support service and the casino curator will review the game record and draw appropriate conclusions regarding your complaint. In addition to games, the casino boasts a variety of payment methods. Players can pay for deposits and withdraw money using credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency. There is no transaction fee. Thus, the casino welcomes new players and offers good bonuses and games to its customers.


  • 📲Can I play from my Smartphone?
    Yes, live dealer games are available via smartphones on the live casino sites.
  • 👌Can I chat with a live dealer?
    Yes, you can chat with him using a dedicated live chat.
  • 👍How do live casinos work?
    You can watch the process of the game and the live casino dealers using a special camera. The dealer accepts your bets and is your opponent.
  • 🛡What happens if the live dealer makes a mistake or the connection is lost?
    If a mistake is made by my live online dealer, then the casino will do its best to correct the mistake.