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Lola Henderson Updated:

Revolut Casinos Australia

Top 3 Casinos

Wild Fortune
A$500 bonus + 100 FS
King Billy
A$2500 + 250 FS
A$7500 + 550 Free Spins

Best Casinos That Accept Revolut

King Billy
King Billy Welcome bonus A$2500 + 250 FS
Brazino777 Welcome bonus A$100
Fastpay Welcome bonus A$150 + 100 FS
KatsuBet Welcome bonus A$100
Rocket Welcome bonus A$1500 + 150 FS

What is Revolut Payment System

With the terming of Revolut casinos, it is common to wonder whether this is another online casino amongst the hundreds. On the contrary, Revolut refers to a payment method as briefly discussed above. It is a fast and secure payment service that allows people to make deposits, and withdrawals and send money between their accounts. Its ease in deposits and withdrawals are among the features that make it widely used globally. Revolut pay casinos, for instance, have been cropping up in Australia and other UK based countries.
As a payment service, Revolut utilises lower fees. For an online casino Revolut deposit, the process is also instantaneous. This means that the processing time for deposits and withdrawals isn’t prolonged. The entire process will take a few minutes and can be processed into various currencies. The current ones include CAD, NOK, RUB, USD, EUR, and more. As a precaution, you can always check if your currency is applicable on the site.
The system is accessible through its mobile versions that take the form of digital banking. You can access it by downloading an app, registering an account, and linking it with your debit or credit card. After that, you will receive a Revolut card that you can now use to make deposits and withdrawals as you please.

How To Deposit Money Into Casino Using Revolut

The monetary part of any online casino Australia use has two significant transactions; deposits and withdrawals. Before using Revolut deposit casinos Australia, you must have some questions about the process itself. The following is a step by step review of the deposit process using the payment service.

  1. Choose a Revolut gaming website. To use Revolut, you will have to select an Australian casino with Revolut. As mentioned, several casinos utilise the service in the market. By simply going through the list on the Revolut website, you will find a familiar or lucrative casino that will allow deposits with Revolut.
  2. Visit the payment section. Upon proceeding to the casino website, the next step is in the payment section. You will move to the section and select the deposit option.
  3. Select Revolut. On the deposits, there are several payment options on offer. At this point, you will need to select Revolut as your option.
  4. Indicate deposit amount. After selection, what is left is indicating the deposit amount. Some sites have deposit limits, so you may have to check the minimum amount you will be required to deposit into the account.
  5. Enter your Revolut card details. Once you know the minimum deposits, the next step involves entering your Revolut card details. This will be a momentary process, and it is necessary to link your credit account to the casino wallet. You need to countercheck the information you provide to ensure ease in the target process.
  6. Finish up with quick verification. Lastly, there is a need for a quick verification initiated by Revolut. This part is crucial because they need to be aware that you are making the deposits and not a fraud. After confirmation, the deposit happens between 0-1 day.

How to Withdraw Winnings From Revolut Casinos

With a few games in and possibly some wins, you will need to withdraw your money from the casino. Revolut casino Australia has been in use for close to a decade which means its withdrawal process has been refined to allow users to get their money almost instantaneously. Besides the casino’s processing time, there will be no lags in getting your withdrawn money to the account. Like with any other payment service, there is a critical step-by-step process that you will need to follow. Here’s the fastest way of going about the process:

  1. Proceed to the payment section in your casino. The first step of your Revolut online casino withdrawal starts by visiting the payment section. Various casino sites have this section predominantly marked to draw players’ attention whenever they need it. Also, sites have different names for these sections. While some refer to them as ‘Cashier’, others term them ‘Payment’. Regardless of the method, ensure you select withdrawal once you visit the page.
  2. Select Revolut as your preferred withdrawal method. Since the site is already a certified casino Revolut, you will proceed to select the Revolut option as your withdrawal method. The title will be among many other options, so it is essential to confirm your pick before deciding.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Depending on the amount of money you have in your account, you will enter your withdrawal amount. Another thing worth considering is the maximum and minimum withdrawal limits. This feature is another that solely depends on the site. Make sure to check their terms and conditions to ensure you meet the limits for your withdrawals.
  4. Enter your Revolut card information. After entering your desired withdrawal amount, you will need to input your card information so the money can be directed to your account. Ensure you verify every number, confirm the process, and wait for the casino’s processing time which can take 3-6 days. Once the casino approves, Revolut deposits the money in your account instantaneously.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Revolut Cards

A review is considered incomplete when it doesn’t weigh in on the advantages against disadvantages of a specific item. In this case, it is helpful to look into the various advantages and disadvantages of using the Australian online casino Revolut. This review considered the ease of use of the payment methods in several aspects. One of the central questions we asked ourselves was; Is Revolut safe? This inquiry aimed to ensure that we had as much information as possible to offer our viewpoint on what it will be like using the site. Since security and safety regulations are part of the components that make casino payments worthwhile, we felt the need to review the nature of the payment service when it comes to personal information.
Though the payment service has several disadvantages, it is worth noting that its advantages make up for most of them. For instance, the withdrawal period that is a bit longer is countered with safe and secure transactions. With such features having a relative impact on players, it is always helpful to try and understand how comfortable you are with both advantages and disadvantages. Hence, make sure you know what each feature implies for your online casino use. While making our list of pros and cons, we reviewed each online casino Revolut that we know to exist and made some deposits and withdrawals ourselves. The information that compiles the ease of use under advantages and disadvantages can be considered comprehensive and encompassing. Here are broken down pros and cons lists;

Advantages of Revolut

  • Wire Transfers with no fees;
  • Secure and Safe Transactions;
  • Worldwide use;
  • Allows for large amount deposits;
  • Online casino-friendly.

Disadvantages of Revolut

  • Has limits on Credit and Debit cards;
  • Charges fees for some transactions;
  • Lengthy withdrawal timeframes.

Play Revolut Casinos For Real Money

After going past your initial Revolut deposit casino transaction, you will be itching to get started on playing games and winning. You need to know that the site is accepted on various sites that offer some appealing online pokies Australia real money and other online casino games. Revolut deposit casinos currently popular in Australia include Play Croco, and Raging Bull. Grand Rush, and many more. Their appeal lies in the fact that they offer hundreds of games, have unique bonuses, and are easy to use.
Before embarking on your plays, you need to know that your Revolut deposits can win you real money. All that is required of you is to link your Revolut account to the chosen site, make your initial deposits, and hope to win. Once you win, the money reflected in your site’s account can be withdrawn as real money through the same payment services you used for depositing. This means it can be done using ATMs or bank transfers to e-wallets.
Like many other payment services, withdrawing real money through any Revolut payment casino has its withdrawal charges and processing times. The main takeaway should be the possibility of winning real money and accessing the same through your cards. Also, there is the option of lodging money. As a payment method, it is possible to leverage its ease and security to get your real money wins within the suggested processing times. Remember to countercheck your Revolut card details to ensure the money gets into your account.

Revolut Casinos Bonuses

In any Revolut payments casino, the drill is quite like many other sites. Online casinos offer a range of bonuses for their players, rolled out at different times in the playing process. The rewards come with gift offers which provide the players additional benefits that depend on the site and its terms & conditions. While some bonuses are comprehensive of free spins, others are monetary additions to deposits and the like. It is always important to review the terms & conditions to ensure you understand all the required aspects to enjoy the bonuses with bonuses.
One of the most appealing bonuses in casinos that accept Revolut is the welcome bonus. This bonus is offered to new players on any given site. It could be in the form of a match-up bonus or a match-up bonus and some free spins. Also, the free spins can be offered separately depending on the games on offer. On some sites, the free spins only apply to some games, while in others, there is no limitation to which games one can use the free spins on. Another bonus worth mentioning is the VIP programs. Belonging to the VIP will require attaining the needed loyalty points, and once that happens, you will enjoy special promotions and additional bonuses.
To access the various bonus options, you will need an account on the particular site offering the bonuses. Bonuses such as the no-deposit, match-up, and free spins, will be loaded into your account upon registering. Other types, such as weekly promotions, require you to select and accept the bonus each time they are advertised. Failure to do so would mean that you miss out on the rewards.

🔥 Number of Casinos+77
💳 Deposit AlternativesSkrill
💰 Max Welcome BonusA$3000 + 400 FS
🎲 Casino Games+3000
🚀 WebsiteRevolut

History of Revolut Company

Revolut deposit casino was started in 2015 by CEO and founder Nikolay Storonsky. Its focus was to ease the online transactions of sending and receiving money by combining mobile activity with bank-like transactions through cards. Their motivation came from the lengthy bank processing times that would lead them to wait for days to send and receive money from each other. The intended purpose of coming up with Revolut was to offer faster transaction times and more appealing features for younger customers. This led to the development of a digital payment service that integrates bank payments like traditional banks but with safer and faster features. Also, the company collaborated with existing companies such as VISA to allow users to make their withdrawals using cards at the ATMs easily.
Currently, Revolut is accepted in over 130 countries and supports different online businesses with monetary transactions. Revolut online casinos are fast becoming popular owing to their ease in making payments. Also, the company allows for 29 currencies which makes it a flexible option for most people in the UK. There are about 2 million users who are currently predominantly using Revolut as a payment method, and the majority are online gamblers. The number of Revolut accounts opened increases daily, which means the site is still gaining traction after almost a decade in the field.
Regarding the future of Revolut, additional features may be added to ensure seamless use, especially with gambling activity. The current components may be above average, but some improvements could make it even better for users.


  • 1️⃣ Are there any commission fees?
    Yes. Revolut charges a minimum of 0.25% commission fee depending on the order amount and the country-specific fee. The commission fee is charged when the depositing or withdrawal order is made out.
  • 2️⃣ Are Revolut deposits and withdrawals instant?
    Revolut deposits and withdrawals are not instantaneous but relatively fast. After the casino processes the deposits or withdrawals, the money will take 0-3 days to reach the assigned account.
  • 3️⃣ What is the minimum amount I can deposit via Revolut?
    Revolut doesn’t have a minimum deposit amount for online casinos. Individual casinos do have minimum limits of their own, which means you will need to check their limits before depositing. The most common minimum deposit limit is $10.
  • 4️⃣ What is the maximum amount I can deposit via Revolut?
    Revolut doesn’t have a specified maximum deposit amount when it comes to online casinos. They work with the site’s limits, ranging from $3000 to 5000 depending on the individual site.