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Casino Rocket Bonuses

You will never be disappointed with the bonus that casino rocket provides. The signup bonus attracts more players, allowing you to play the game for free. All you need to do is register on the website with legit details and information. On registering on the casino rocket, you will get the signup bonus of 333 AUD along with 50 Free Spins. But to avail of this bonus, the player must deposit some amount in the account. 50% of the free bonus will be activated on the first deposit. Players can enjoy playing the games and want their prize money. To avail of the balance of 50% of the free bonus, the players need to make a 2nd deposit to claim the bonus. Casino Rocket in Australia brings you this great bonus which you can utilize and gain the experience of participating in the events. You can utilize the money to play any game, regardless of table or card games. Also, the players can use the bonus amount to participate in the tournaments and win big prize money.

Casino Rocket Payment Methods

Casino rocket allows Australian players to deposit money in various currencies. The players deposit money with currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, INR, and AUD. This will enable you to do the transaction smoothly. In addition, you can also deposit the money in standard currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.
Various payment methods are available on the website. This includes the payment through MasterCard, Visa card, Newsurf, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire, and many more. You can suggest the contact us option to ask for other payment options.
You can deposit a minimum amount of 15$ in the account and a maximum of 6000$. You can start playing the games and use the signup bonus once you deposit the money in the account. The signup bonus is available after the 1st and 2nd deposit of the funds in the account. Withdrawing the money is very much easy. You can withdraw a minimum of 20$ and a maximum of 6000$ per transaction. Based on the amount in your account, you can set your daily limit to withdraw money. A player can withdraw 10.000 AUD per week and a maximum of 20,000 AUD per month.

Casino Rocket Games & Pokies

At casino rocket games, you can find different varieties of fun, which most Aussie players love.
Table and card events are a significant attraction, including blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo, and many more games. Apart from the table and card events, pokies are also the major liked game. This includes the temple tumble, hot spin, danger zone, sun of Egypt 2, and many more games.
In most online casinos, you will find live bots rather than the actual players. But not here; Casino rocket brings you the live players and the audience against whom you can have the actual competitions. To play against the existing players, you need to book the slots in the tournaments. Slots allow you to secure a seat for the event. The entry fees are very nominal, and the prize money is enormous.
Bitcoin, the most in-demand cryptocurrency, holds the crowd together. The BTC prize money game gives you the bonus points and the prize money in BTC currency. You can enter the tournament and play the game with the help of any currency but can get the rewards back in BTC.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Most Australian players are very fond of playing live games against the best competitors and live dealers. At casino rocket, you get the provision to play against the competitors, unlike any other casino. The different versions of the computer players are not that competitive enough compared to the live dealers.
Against the bot players, the game is very predictable and sometimes is not in favour of the player. This is not the situation in the casino rocket as the live players give you the tough competition, and it gives you the best enjoyment of playing the game. If you are spending money on the website to play the games, make sure you make the best out of it.

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Casino Rocket Mobile Versions

As the technology keeps updating, mobile phones are always preferred over the desktop. Not all the players like the laptops or the computers as it makes them sit in one position. With the mobile phones coming, it gives the privilege to play the game from any corner of the house.
The casino rocket mobile version allows you to play the games on Android and the iOS version. You don’t need heavy graphics to play the casino games as the standard cell phones also allow you to play the game. The mobile version application is very nicely developed with the help of a top team and experts as it does not lag at any point in time and does not interrupt your game.
The best thing about the mobile version of games is that you can enjoy sitting along with your family members and your friends. Unlike the desktop, you don’t need to sit in front of the computer screen while playing games.

Casino Rocket Software

Some Australian players prefer big screens and proper controls to perform the best in the games. This is when the casino rocket software helps you play the game with total comfort.
The software is developed with the help of the leading technology, and various engineers make the gaming experience the best.
Some casino games might not be played easily on mobile screens, and here is when the software allows you to play the game on a bigger screen. The better the graphics of a computer, the better the appearance of the games will be. The software does not allow the game to lag much, and it’s just you need to make sure your internet connection is perfect and suitable for the event.

Customer Support at Casino Rocket

When there is the transaction of money and the involvement of various people on the website, customer support is a must to solve the issues. In casino rocket, you will get 24/7 assistance and support online in case of any problem.
Casino rocket provides the transaction of the money with higher security, and hence you can ensure that the money is safe on the website. If you find any transaction issues for the failed transactions, the support system will help you get rid of the problem.

Apart from the transaction issues, customer service also takes care of any issues related to the game. The support on the website is just a mail away. You need to send the mail mentioned on the website, and you can get a response within minutes. You will not find such a response from customer support on any other Aussie website. Customer support gives the maximum confidence to the players, and eventually, it brings in a lot of registration of the new players.
You can contact us by email – [email protected].

Responsible Gambling at Casino Rocket

When it comes to online transactions, safety is a must. The website does need to take care of the money and the security of the transactions online. The website uses SSL encryption which gives privacy and safety to online transactions. For all the youngsters out there, gaming and gaming could be severe addictions played for more time. You should always invest within the limit. When you lose money, you will urge yourself to play more and get the money back. This should not be the case while playing online games. Only invest the amount of money that is okay to lose. Gambling addiction could bring a lot of difficulties in your personal life.

Casino Rocket Overall

Casino Rockets brings in many different games and the best prize money. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the website.


  1. Different types of gaming experiences attract a lot of players. You don’t need to go to any other casino as a wide range of games are available;
  2. The sign-up bonus allows you to play the game and win a prize;
  3. The tournament’s entry fees are very low, and the prize money is enormous;
  4. Unlike other casinos, you get the chance to play with the actual players and not the computer players;
  5. The casino gives the privilege to deposit money in different currencies;
  6. Different payment methods allow you to deposit the money in the account without hassle;
  7. All the online transactions are SSL encrypted and are very safe;
  8. Customer support and service are available 24/7. With the help of this, you can never get any issue or complaint.


  1. The online bonus and the prize money can bring in a specific addition of gambling to the people;
  2. An investment of money is required for the website. You cannot play any game for free on the website;
  3. If you lose the game, you might lose the money as well. Hence, it would help if you were double sure before investing the money in the website.


  • 1️⃣ Is the casino rocket legal to play?
    Yes, the website is very much legal to play, and it also has a legit license. The website does fall under the law of Curacao.
  • 2️⃣ Is the website legal for Australia?
    The website is specially designed and opened for the people and players of Australia. You can participate in the games and your friends and family members.
  • 3️⃣ Can I play the casino games on the mobile?
    Yes, based on science and technology, casino games are made mobile friends. You can easily enjoy the game on your mobile phone. Now you don’t need to sit on the computer screen and play games. Mobile friend’s games have brought the mobile gaming experience significantly.
  • 4️⃣ Can I cash out the winning amount from the casino?
    Yes, you are playing for the prize money. The website allows you to withdraw the amount from your bank account. You can start a minimum of 20$ at one time maximum of up to 600$. Every week you can withdraw a maximum of 10000 AUD and up to 20000 AUD a month.
  • 5️⃣ Does the website have customer support?
    Yes, customer support is a must when online transactions of money. 24/7 customer service is available on the website. You need to contact them with the help of email, and you will get a response in no time.
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