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Craps Online Australia

Top 3 Casinos

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How to play online Craps?

If you have ever played traditional Craps, playing online will be easy to go for you, as the rules for both are the same. Given below is all the vital information that will assist you in playing this casino game on the network:


The table for playing this game has a green rug on it. The rug has a print along with a diagram with text in white colour. The diagram has some fields that have numbers for different types of bets by the shooters. The table’s center has fields for ways and bets.
Each end on the table displays the same layouts. It means that each end has similar fields for placing the shooter’s bets.


The rules of this game are pretty simple. The shooters place a bet on the come-out roll. If the result is identical, the points are in the shooter’s pocket.

Types of dices and possible combinations of the outcomes

Dice number – Possible combinations

  1. 1 & 1;
  2. 1 & 2, 2 & 1;
  3. 1 & 3, 2 & 2, 3 & 1;
  4. 1 & 4, 2 & 3, 3 & 2, 4 & 1;
  5. 1 & 5, 2 & 4, 3 & 3, 4 & 2, 5 & 1;
  6. 1 & 6, 2 & 5, 3 & 4, 4 & 3, 5 & 2, 6 & 1;
  7. 2 & 6, 3 & 5, 4 & 4, 5 & 3, 6 & 2;
  8. 3 & 6, 4 & 5, 5 & 4, 6 & 3;
  9. 4 & 6, 5 & 5, 6 & 4;
  10. 5 & 6, 6 & 5;
  11. 6 & 6.

Rolling of the dice

The last step is to throw the dice from one hand to bounce on the wall opposite the table. There is also a nickname for each rollout of the dice. Some of the most popular and in use nicknames of dice rolls are the following:

  • The snake eyes or the two aces;
  • The three Craps three;
  • The little Joe from Kokomo or the little joe only;
  • The little phoebe or the after five;
  • The Jimmie Hicks;
  • Six aces or the seven out;
  • An easy eight;
  • The centerfield nine;
  • The hard ten or the puppy paws;
  • Oh Yo eleven;
  • The Boxcars;

Rules of online casinos Craps

The Craps casino game requires two dices. A maximum of 16 players can play this multiplayer game at the same time. Before the first dice is played, the shooter must place a bet. The player who rolls the dice is known as the shooter. The shooter places a bet on the line pass or doesn’t pass on the casino table.
After bets by a shooter, they begin a round of this game by rolling dice to the opposite side of the craps table. Come out roll is the first roll which the shooter makes on the table. The motive of the come-out roll is the creation of a table. The points can’t be numbers such as 12, 11, 7, 3, and 2. Some other essential rules which a player of online craps casino games must be aware of are the following:

  • If the number 7 or 11 appears as the outcome of the dice roll, the pass line bet is the winner. It ends the round of the game;
  • If the numbers 2, 3, or 12 appear as the outcome of the dice roll, the pass line bet is the loser of this round;
  • If number 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, or 4 appears as the dice roll outcome, then one amongst such numbers is allotted to the players as points.

After setting the point, the gamblers can place bets that will roll the points before the arrival of number 7.

Benefits of online craps game

There are some prominent and pretty noticeable differences between online and traditional Craps. There is a vast population of players which has been shifting from formal events to online craps. It is just because of several advantages of this internet game. These pros could be the following:

  1. You can play this game at any time and for any Interval of time;
  2. This game is practicable for free as well;
  3. You can determine your gaming speed;
  4. You need not travel from one place to another to play it;
  5. It becomes straightforward to avoid annoyances like smokers;
  6. You do not require to pay any tips;
  7. It offers a wide selection of several games as well as odds;
  8. You can start the betting with an initial amount of A$1;
  9. It becomes straightforward to access the statements of all your bets as well as other financial transactions;
  10. This online game also offers some very intriguing promotional offers search that the gambler has a positive value;
  11. You need not dress up and go to a traditional casino and wait in a long queue for your turn;
  12. The new players can avoid risking real money and play with other fun versions of this game with the help of virtual chips.

Drawbacks of craps online

Like every coin has two sides, online games come with certain drawbacks as well. Some of the most noticeable of such cons are the following:

  1. The gambler misses the casino-like atmosphere while playing on the Internet;
  2. The biggest negative of being a shooter is that you do not have physical dice for rolling;
  3. The rewards or the winnings might take a bit longer to receive;
  4. Online casinos lack high limitable;
  5. You can avail of customer support only via an email or through phone;
  6. There are specific odd bets which increase the possibility of losing. For example, the 10 X odds.

Main types of online craps gambling games

There are numerous types of online craps betting games. These are the following: The mobile craps casino games, Live craps online games, The real money craps online games, Download craps, Free online craps for fun, No downloaded online craps game.

You can enjoy this online game with real money, or you can play this game for free. Craps for free online means that you are using fun money for playing. It also means that you are playing a demo game. It gives you the chance to learn the game and practice your skills without the use of actual money. It also means that you don’t get to withdraw your winnings whenever you play this game for free.
Craps for real money means that you have to spend real money for playing it. Each bet you will require real money, and you are entitled to keep every winning amount. To play this game for free, all you have to do is choose the demo mode or the fun mode at the online casino table. And, for playing it for real money, you can choose the real money mode before playing.

Craps on Mobile

Craps on mobile works in line with the craps on the desktop when it comes to playing it. The significant difference while playing this game on mobile and desktop is that you play the game on your mobile phone in the last case. You can play it on any mobile which supports Windows, Android, or iOS. Every new online casino offers different methods for playing it on mobile. The most common ways to initiate this game on mobile are the following:

  • First of all, you need to download an app for your Android phone or the apple phone;
  • You can also play it directly in your mobile phone browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome;
  • You can also start by scanning a specific QR code for this game.

Casino Craps Online Variations

Craps is amongst the most popular and intriguing online casino games, which is found on both the Internet and traditional casinos. This game has a vibrant history and its ancient origin, which dates to the era of the Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades. This game is highly in use among frequent gamblers across the globe.
There are a lot of variations that came in the new and online method of playing this game. Such variation features different odds, specific rules, and numerous betting options. However, thanks to the increasing pace of technological changes and developments, these variations are now readily available on Internet casinos worldwide. Some of the other very intriguing variations in online craps casinos are the following:

  • The crapless craps, also known as the ruse craps or the never craps;
  • The high point;
  • The simplified;
  • Exotic or the die rich;
  • The New York.

Online Casinos with Craps Online

Casino Signup Bonus (A$) Minimum Deposit( A$) Payment
KatsuBet 100% match bonus up to A$100/1.5 BTC A$ 20 Visa, Neosurf
National Casino 100% Up to A$100 + 100 Free Spins A$ 10 Bitcoin, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill
King Billy 100% up to AU$ 800 + 200 Free Spins A$ 10 Neosurf, Netller, Paysafecard, Skrill
Queenspins 50% up to A$500 A$ 10 Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard

How we rate the best casinos for craps

Numerous online casinos offer quality, style and exclusivity. But selecting the most appropriate casino which offers bombastic craps games and other promotional offers for attracting customers is an arduous task. Some of the essential features which a gambler must notice before enrolling in any of the online casino craps games are the following:

Banking options and other supporting options

Every online betting craps game must provide its gamblers with all the available banking options to enhance players’ convenience. These could be the use of credit cards, cryptocurrencies, visa cards, MasterCard, skrill, eco payments, bitcoins, wallets, electronic wallets, bank transfers, and wire transfers. The betting platform must allow deposits in a large number of currencies and must provide the gamblers with numerous withdrawing options.

The provision of VIP benefits

It is yet another feature that sets a specific casino aside from another casino. The online craps casino must offer exclusive tournaments and automatic payments. On top of this, one of the essential features which a gambler must notice before enrolling in any of the online casino craps games is that the online craps must also offer numerous bonuses such as the cashback bonus or the welcome bonus.

History of craps

Craps came into existence on the streets of France in the late 1700 century. Later on, with time, it became prevalent in the United States of America. There was a French American politician named Bernard Xavier Philippe De Marigny de Mandeville. He bought this game from France and started popularizing it in New Orleans. People often began to use crabs in place of craps.
There was a time when people saw it as an unfair game due to its design of the rolling dice. However, the problem got resolved when John at Winn stepped in to change in late 1907.
This man’s invention brought numerous new features on the device known as pass and don’t pass. With time, this invention made craps a very fair game. Now, this invention is widely in use in online gaming casinos as well as in traditional ones.


  • 1️⃣ Can I play craps for free?
    You can play online craps for free by tapping on the fun mode or the demo mode.
  • 2️⃣ Do all casinos offer online craps?
    Almost all the casinos offered this game. However, the best sites for playing online craps are bet way, show lion, and 10cric.
  • 3️⃣ Do online casinos cheat punters at craps?
    Using a loaded dice at the online craps is the only method of cheating. But keep in mind that the online casinos do utilize various techniques to prevent this cheating.
  • 4️⃣ Can I play craps games on my smartphone?
    Yes, you can easily play online craps on any smartphone that have windows, Android or iOS.