Lola Henderson

Head Editor

Lola holds a degree from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and today she is a professional game reviewer. After college, she worked alongside gambling operators in order to develop new bonuses and offer much better game features. Partner cooperation was another part of the job Lola had. During that time and even today, she has been promoting responsible gambling as the main part of the affiliate industry. She has also appreciated thanks to the attention to detail she has been investing in her jobs all these years.

In 2018, she started working for Au Casinos List as a game reviewer. Due to the fact she is proficient with casino gambling online and casino games, she has decided to use her skills to help players from Australia find the best casino games to play.

Today she is a chief editor here at Au Casinos List and she is responsible for editing complete game review articles. She will have to check grammar, style, accuracy, spelling and so much more. She also must make various decisions before the article is approved and published.

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Online gambling is something special and something that connects people. Here, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what gender you are. It only matters that all have a great time and lucky ones win. That’s why I love online gambling and consider this as the ultimate, modern way of connecting to others and making your life much better!
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