NFL Playoff Predictions & Super Bowl Odds Guide 2024


This comprehensive article delves into the multifaceted world of NFL playoff predictions and the fluctuating odds of the Super Bowl. It offers a detailed exploration of the various factors influencing team prospects, including momentum, consistency, head-to-head statistics, player availability, injuries, and external conditions like weather and home-field advantage. The piece provides a nuanced understanding of how teams like the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens shape their playoff journeys, influenced by their regular-season performances and key players like Lamar Jackson and Brock Purdy. Furthermore, it examines the significant shifts in Super Bowl odds throughout the playoff stages, influenced by game results, expert analyses, and public sentiment. From pre-playoffs favorites to the evolving odds of underdogs and top contenders, the article captures the essence of the NFL playoffs’ unpredictability and excitement, culminating in the high-stakes showdown of Super Bowl 58.

Factors Influencing Predictions

Team Form

  • Momentum: Teams entering the playoffs on a winning streak or with strong performances in the latter part of the regular season are often favored. For example, the Buffalo Bills won their final five games, boosting their status as contenders.
  • Consistency: Teams that have shown consistent performance throughout the season, especially against other playoff-bound teams, are viewed more favorably. The Baltimore Ravens, for instance, have been consistent, especially in games against top-tier teams.

Head-to-Head Statistics

  • Previous Matchups: The outcomes of previous encounters in the season or recent playoffs can provide insights. Teams with a winning record against other playoff contenders are often seen as having a psychological edge.
  • Matchup Dynamics: Certain teams match up better against specific opponents due to their style of play, coaching strategies, or player matchups.

Player Availability/Injuries

  • Key Player Injuries: The absence or return of key players can significantly impact a team’s chances. For instance, the return of players like Brock Purdy for the 49ers strengthens their offense.
  • Depth and Adaptability: Teams with depth in their roster or the ability to adapt to the absence of key players often fare better. For example, despite quarterback challenges, the Cleveland Browns’ strong defense compensates for their offense.
  • Impact Players: The presence of standout players, particularly in crucial positions like quarterback, can sway predictions. Lamar Jackson’s dynamic playmaking ability for the Ravens is a prime example.

External Factors

  • Weather Conditions: Playoff games, especially those in outdoor stadiums, can be affected by weather conditions. Teams accustomed to playing in certain weather conditions might have an advantage.
  • Home-field Advantage: Teams playing at their home stadium often have a psychological edge, and this is factored into predictions, especially for teams known to have a strong home-field presence like the Kansas City Chiefs.


Super Bowl Odds Shifts

The odds for the Super Bowl can shift significantly throughout the playoffs as teams progress through each round, influenced by game results, player performances, and expert analyses. Let’s take a detailed look at how specific teams’ chances have risen or changed according to oddsmakers following each playoff game and updates in analyses:

Pre-Playoffs Odds

  • Initial Favorites: Teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens may start with shorter odds due to their strong regular-season performances and favorable expert analyses.
  • Underdog Status: Teams like the Houston Texans might begin with longer odds due to less favorable regular-season records or perceived weaknesses.

Post Wild-Card Round

  • Rising Contenders: Teams that secure a convincing win in the wild-card round often see their odds shorten. For instance, if the Buffalo Bills had a decisive victory, oddsmakers might boost their chances.
  • Falling Odds for Close Winners: A team that narrowly wins or shows vulnerabilities might see their odds lengthen slightly, even if they advance. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys barely win against a lower-seeded team, this could affect their odds negatively.

After the Divisional Round

  • Dominant Performances: Teams that dominate in the divisional round, especially against strong opponents, often see the most significant odds shift. For example, if the Kansas City Chiefs convincingly defeat a top-seeded team, their odds might shorten substantially.
  • Impact of Upsets: If there’s an upset, like a lower-seeded team defeating a favorite, the odds for the underdog team can shorten dramatically, reflecting their newfound status as a dark horse.

Following Conference Championships

  • Finalists’ Odds: The odds for the two teams that advance to the Super Bowl are adjusted to almost even, though slight differences may remain based on their performances in the conference championships.
  • Momentum Factor: Teams entering the Super Bowl on a strong winning streak or with an impressive playoff run (like multiple upsets or dominating performances) might see their odds improve even more.

Leading Up to the Super Bowl

Injury Reports and Player Updates: In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, odds can shift based on reports of player injuries or returns. For example, the recovery of a key player like Lamar Jackson would significantly impact the Ravens’ odds.
Expert Analyses and Public Sentiment: As more analyses come in and public sentiment potentially sways, oddsmakers adjust the odds to reflect the latest views and betting trends.

Scott Dadson’s Predictions for Playoff Winners and Super Bowl Odds

AFC Predictions

  1. Baltimore Ravens: With Lamar Jackson as a transformative playmaker, the Ravens are favored by experts like Jason Logan and Joe Osborne from Covers. Their scoring margin and defensive prowess make them strong contenders​​​​.
  2. Buffalo Bills: Despite some turnover issues, Josh Allen’s dynamic play makes the Bills a major contender, especially given their strong record against playoff teams​​.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Known for their impressive defense and a history of deep playoff runs, the Chiefs are a notable contender, although they may face challenges on the road to the Super Bowl​​.
  4. Houston Texans: As this year’s Cinderella story, the Texans led by rookies head coach DeMeco Ryans and QB C.J. Stroud are seen as underdogs with potential​​.
  5. Cleveland Browns: Despite quarterback challenges, their top-ranked defense makes them an intriguing dark horse​​.
  6. Miami Dolphins: With Tua Tagovailoa at the helm, the Dolphins are seen as a potentially dangerous team, especially if they can revive their earlier season form​​.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers: Facing challenges with their quarterback situation and defense, the Steelers are viewed as unlikely to make a deep run​​.

NFC Predictions

  • San Francisco 49ers: With the top seed and a strong team led by Brock Purdy, the 49ers are favorites to win the Super Bowl according to odds and experts like Bill Bender and Matt Lutovsky​​​​.
  • Detroit Lions: A surprise pick by Edward Sutelan, the Lions’ strong offense and recent performance make them a potential dark horse​​.
  • Dallas Cowboys: With a solid team, the Cowboys are viewed as potential contenders, especially if they can maintain their offensive prowess​​.
  • Green Bay Packers: While not heavily favored, the Packers’ playoff experience could be a factor in their performance​​.
  • Los Angeles Rams: With elite players like Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald, the Rams could be contenders if key players stay healthy​​.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Strong performance in the season and a balanced team make the Eagles a potential threat in the playoffs​​.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers are seen as competitive but face tough challenges in their path to the Super Bowl​​.

Super Bowl 58 Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers: Favored to win with odds of +145, implying a 40.82% chance​​.
  • Baltimore Ravens: Second favorites with odds of +200, implying a 33.33% chance​​.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Odds of +350, translating to a 22.22% chance​​.
  • Detroit Lions: Odds of +750, indicating an 11.76% chance​​.



In conclusion, the journey towards Super Bowl 58 embodies the essence of unpredictability and the thrilling nature of sports competition. The analysis of teams, from favorites like the San Francisco 49ers to underdogs such as the Houston Texans, highlights the complexity and dynamism inherent in NFL playoffs and Super Bowl predictions. Factors such as team form, player availability, and external elements like weather and home-field advantage play crucial roles in shaping the playoff narrative. As the playoffs progress, shifts in Super Bowl odds mirror the evolving landscape, influenced by on-field performances, strategic decisions, and the unpredictable nature of the game.

This detailed exploration underscores the intricate interplay between various components that contribute to the unpredictability of outcomes. It’s a reminder of the game’s inherent uncertainty, where dark horses can rise, favorites can falter, and every game is a new chapter in the story of a season. As fans and analysts alike scrutinize each play, each decision, and each twist of fate, the path to the Super Bowl remains a captivating and unpredictable journey, filled with excitement, suspense, and the pure passion of football. This is the beauty of the NFL playoffs – a perfect blend of strategy, skill, and the unknown, culminating in the grand spectacle of Super Bowl 58.

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