Scott Dadsons

Game Reviewer

Scott was born in Australia and completed UNSW Business School successfully. After graduation, he worked for online casinos as a casino manager. A huge part of his work was to organize gambling conferences and cooperate with all sorts of gambling providers and partners. This is the first time where he got skills and detailed knowledge about online casinos and casino games. He truly loves casino games. His favorite type is slots. His job is his hobby and his passion.

Scott has been working with us since 2019. His mission is to present detailed and always accurate game reviews for Australian players. Thanks to his skills and experience, this is an easy job for Scott. Thanks to him, players can easily find all about the best casino games. At the same time, players can avoid playing scam and unfair games.

He works full-time here at Au Casinos List and he will collect, evaluate, test, and write a game review. His additional task is to update the related section on the site. The data he shares is always accurate and based on actual testing and playing.

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Gambling is something that makes people happy and allows them to connect on an interesting level. The more you think, the more you will want that. This is also my goal here at Au Casinos List. I want to help people connect through gambling and become one big, happy family.
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