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Cashback Casino Bonus

Top 3 Casinos

King Billy
A$2500 + 250 FS
A$750 + 200 FS

🎖️ The List Of The Best Cashback Bonuses Online In Australia

King Billy Cashback Bonus
King Billy Cashback Bonus 13%
Nomini Cashback Bonus
Nomini Cashback Bonus 15%
5Gringos Cashback Bonus
5Gringos Cashback Bonus 15%
ZotaBet Cashback Bonus
ZotaBet Cashback Bonus 20%
Wild Fortune Cashback Bonus
Wild Fortune Cashback Bonus 15%
50 Crowns Cashback Bonus
50 crowns Cashback Bonus 20%
Just Cashback Bonus
Just Casino Cashback Bonus 50%

✨ Best Australian Casinos With Cashback Bonus

Our seasoned team of professionals at AuCasinos List has scoured the Australian online casino scene to bring you the top 5 gambling sites in Australia with a cashback promo. These sites provide a high-level gaming experience, allowing you to recoup some of your losses daily or weekly.

King Billy

Players can collect cashback bonuses from 3% to 13% weekly, depending on their rank in King Billy Casino. To qualify for this offer, you must make a minimum weekly deposit of A$750 and incur a minimum net loss of A$750. All bonuses earned have a 7-day validity period.


A 25% weekly cashback awaits every registered user who plays a live casino game during the week. This offer's minimum eligible payout amount is A$10, while the maximum is A$300. Another weekly promotion for the top 3 VIP levels awards 5%/10%/15% up to A$1,500/A$3,000/A$4,500. Bonus funds received are subject to a 1x wagering requirement.


This casino runs a weekly 15% cashback offer, up to A$4,500, valid on every casino game on the site. To be eligible, the player must have reached the top 3 VIP levels. The minimum payout amount is pegged at A$10. Refunded credits have a 1x wagering requirement and must be used up before the following week.


Players can claim daily cashback offers up to 20% of the total losses incurred the previous day in ZotaBet Casino. This bonus depends on the user’s deposit amount and VIP level, ranging from 10% for deposits above A$75 to 15% for payments above A$7500. To unlock the offer from 16% to 20%, the player must have attained VIP Level 1 – 5. These bonuses come with a 3x wagering requirement and are only valid for 3 days after receipt.

50 Crowns

VIP players can reclaim up to 20% of their weekly losses at the start of every new week. This 20% cashback does not come with a predefined maximum amount or deposit requirements. However, players have 3 days to use up any bonus received.
King Billy

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🚀 How Do Cashback Bonuses Work

The main idea behind these offers is to give players a chance to recoup a portion of the money they lose while playing at an online casino. This bonus type is dependent on two main factors: the cashback percentage and your net losses. Let's break this down with an example: suppose you've claimed a 20% weekly cashback bonus. During this period, every time you place a real money bet on a game and lose, the casino records the amount you've lost. Let’s assume that after the 7 days are up, your total losses equal A$ 80. In this case, your bonus would be 20% of this net loss, amounting to a reward of A$ 16.

An important disclaimer to note is that not all cashback bonuses follow a 7-day timeframe, and not every loss will count towards the calculation. In most cases, only losses from specific games or particular software providers are considered when determining the total used to calculate your refund. In other words, while the mechanism is always the same, it’s crucial to read the T&Cs to know how to benefit from the promotion.


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🔮 Types Of Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses come in various types, which means that players with different gaming styles can easily find the one that best suits them. Below is a list of the most common types you’ll find at online casinos in Australia:

  1. Cashback on Deposits: This is a unique form that is not dependent on the losses a player incurs. Instead, it is calculated as a percentage of their deposit amount.
  2. Daily Cashback: The casino calculates your losses over a 24-hour period and awards you a predetermined percentage of that total after the timeframe elapses.
  3. Weekly Cashback: At the start of a new week, the site returns a portion of your losses accumulated over the previous 7 days. Because the player’s losses are being calculated over a longer period, weekly cashbacks tend to involve larger rewards than their daily counterparts.
  4. Monthly Cashback: With this kind of promo, the online casino keeps track of your net losses across a 30-day timeline. Once the month is over, you’ll be reimbursed with a portion of all the money lost during that period.
  5. Casino VIP Cashback: These are offers that a casino includes as part of its Loyalty Program prizes. Generally, the higher you climb up the loyalty ranks, the larger your exclusive casino VIP cashback percentage.
  6. Game Provider Cashback: This bonus category will see the player reclaim a portion of the money they’ve lost while playing slots or table games from specific developers.
  7. Cashback on Games: Here, the casino specifies one or two games for which the bonus is valid, then refunds a percentage of losses you made while playing these specific slots.
  8. Casino Wager Free Cashback: With this type of offer, the bonus amount received is free from wagering requirements. You can decide to withdraw it right away or wager it for a chance to earn even more.

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📌 How To Claim A Cashback Bonus

The process involved in claiming this casino bonus isn’t all that complicated. Here’s a 5-step guide on how to go about it.

  • time: 00:10
  • tool: PC Or Smartphone
  • supply: Free


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🤖 Cashback VS Reload Bonus

Cashback and reload promotions are two of the most popular online casino bonuses, but they serve unique purposes and operate on different mechanisms. With a cashback offer, the player receives a portion of their net losses incurred while playing specific games or over a defined period. This promo acts as a safety net, helping you to retrieve funds that would have otherwise been lost. The bonus money received as cashback offers is either completely wager-free or subject to low wagering requirements, typically less than 5x.

On the other hand, reload bonuses reward players with extra funds when they top-up the balance in their gaming accounts. In this case, a percentage of the user’s deposit, typically 10 – 40%, will be credited to them as bonus money. These promos are designed to increase a player's initial funds, providing an immediate boost to enhance their gaming experience. Reload bonus offers are typically subject to playthrough requirements ranging from 10x to 60x.

Wild Fortune

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🆚 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cashback Bonus

Many players, myself included, consider bonuses to be one of the best parts of online casino gaming. Cashback bonuses, in particular, are a wonderful invention, boasting several appealing advantages. However, that’s not to say there are no downsides to these offers. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of this casino bonus.

  • ✅ Higher Returns: These bonuses are useful in boosting your overall returns. They prolong your gaming time and give you more chances to potentially claim some cool wins.
  • ✅ Rewards Loyalty: They are a great way to reward loyal players who regularly play at an online casino. They’re designed such that the more you game, the higher your potential returns.
  • ✅ No wagering requirements: Most cashback offers tend to come completely free of wagering requirements, making it much easier for players to extract great value from them.
  • ✅ Simple Terms and Conditions: These bonuses are often straightforward to redeem because they have easy-to-understand terms and conditions.
  • ❌ Not offered in all casinos: Regrettably, they are not as common as some other promotional offers and are not available at every casino.
  • ❌ Game Restrictions: More often than not, only a handful of games will contribute to a player’s cashback at an online casino.
50 crowns

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🍒 Cashback Bonus Terms & Conditions

Before diving in and claiming any cashback bonus at a casino, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions attached to the offer. We recommend that you read and digest the T&Cs before playing, as they determine whether you can make the most of your bonus. Below, we highlight important terms to take note of before claiming your cashback.

✨ Cashback Percentage

This crucial term lets you know the exact percentage of your losses that will be returned once the promo period is over.

🚀 Minimum Payout

This clause dictates the lowest amount you can receive as a refund credit.

⭐ Minimum Deposit

The least sum with which you can top-up your account if you want to qualify for the cashback bonus.

🔮 Wager Condition

This represents the minimum and maximum amount you can wager on each spin to be eligible for a cashback.

⚖️ Expiration Date

Cashback bonuses are only valid for a specified period, which sometimes could be as short as 48 hours or as long as 30 days.

💎 Game Restrictions

This bonus term lets you know the games that are eligible for your offer. It may be in the form of a list of qualifying games or a roster of excluded titles.

Just Casino

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🍀 Summary

Cashback offers are the ideal insurance plan in the online casino industry, and the only extras they require are your regular deposits. These bonuses give you a chance to recover part of your losses and, potentially, make a profit from it. They are also quite easy to claim, with the only requirement being that you simply play your favourite games. As we’ve highlighted earlier on this page, cashback bonuses at Australian casinos are mostly wager-free or subject to playthrough requirements below 5x.

Now that you’re familiar with the intricacies of cashback offers, including the distinctions between them and their key T&Cs, you’re all set to start enjoying these deals at top Australian online sites. Remember to read the bonus terms to understand the requirements for redeeming and utilising your refund credits. Take particular note of conditions such as the bonus percentage, minimum deposit, and expiration date. Of course, in the case of a cashback on games/game provider offer, also ensure to take note of the restricted games.

King Billy

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🧾 Cashback Casino Bonus’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • 🙋 How can I claim a cashback bonus?

    To claim this type of bonus, you need to first register at a casino offering such a promo. Once that’s done, deposit funds, claim/redeem the offer, and then play eligible games on the platform. The casino operator will compute your cashback percentage and automatically credit your account with the right amount.
  • 🙋 What is the difference between a reload bonus and a cashback bonus?

    A reload bonus is a reward awarded to the player for adding funds to their online casino gaming balance. On the other hand, a cashback bonus involves reclaiming a certain portion of losses incurred while playing.
  • 🙋 What is a cashback casino offer?

    It is a bonus that compensates a player based on the total amount they’ve lost over a specific period. It is typically calculated as a percentage of the user’s net losses.
  • 🙋 Which casinos offer cashback?

    Many websites have this promotion but with different conditions. We recommend you try the offers at King Billy, Nomini, 5Gringos, ZotaBet, or 50Crowns.
  • 🙋 What is the average cashback percentage in Australian casinos?

    The average percentage in Australian casinos ranges from 2% to 20%. This figure depends on the operator in question and the type of promotion being claimed. Be sure to read the specific terms and conditions for each casino’s offer before redeeming them.
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