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Texas Holdem Online

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Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Holdem poker rules include information about possible bets, ranks of cards, hand, payouts and strategy to run a game. We realize there is a lot of information but once you practice playing this poker game everything will come in order in your mind and you will find it absolutely simple but still extremely interesting game.

Texas Holdem poker hand includes 5 cards. Each card has its rank according to which you count combination and lead the game. Keep in mind this order for a successful result in every session:

  • High card from the lowest to the highest rank: Jack, Queen, King, Ace. If you have exactly same hand with dealer, for instance, you got J 3 4 6 7 and the dealer’s are Q 3 4 6 7 then you lose as Q has higher rank than J. To decide which hand wins you must look at first card, then, if they are similar take a look at second, if they are similar check third card etc.
  • Pair means player’s hand consists of 2 cards of the same rank Pair always beats high card and it does not matter if the rank in a pair is lower than a high card. Here is an example: 4 4 8 3 7 will beat Q 8 J A 1. If player and dealer both have a pair then the higher pair will win. If they have the same pair, like both have 2 2 or 55, then winning hand is one with the highest card next to the pair.
  • Two pair hand is one with 2 pairs of same rank cards. For instance, 44 88 1. To define the winner, follow the rules from the previous hand.
  • Three of a Kind means 3 cards of the same rank in hand. For instance, 8 8 8 3 9. Here Texas Holdem rules are the same as for pair or two pairs.
  • Straight is a hand that consists of serials – 3 4 5 6 7. Ace has its special role in this hand. It’s counted like 1 to complement straight like A 2 3 4 5. Ace is counted like 10 complementing such straight like 10 J Q K A. It never has both options.
  • Flush is a hand of 5 cards of the same suit. It does not matter what rank and what order they have.
  • Full House is a hand that consists of a Pair and a Three of a kind. It may be 2 2 3 3 3 or any other variant according to rule.
  • Four of a Kind – 4 ones of the same rank: 4 4 9 4 4, 8 8 8 8 2 etc.
  • Straight flush is a hand that includes both a straight and a flush meaning 5 serial cards of the same suit.
  • Royal Flush – straight flush but this time of the highest cards like 10 J Q K A of the same suit. It’s not a must they are in such an order.

Texas Holdem Poker Bets

Texas Holdem Poker suggests several kinds of bets or better to say several options when it’s about to place a bet. These options will define your game.

  1. Fold means give up the game.
  2. A Bet itself meaning make a wager.
  3. Check is an option meaning pass.
  4. Call means player is going to make a bet that is equal to current bet.
  5. Raise is a bet that is higher than the current one.

Start to play Texas Holdem with bets. This is an essence of a poker game. You bet after each round and you must watch other players in order to continue the game.

There are also limits and blinds in poker Texas Holdem. The blinds are considered pre-bet as they compose mandatory bet. This is proof that there is a reason to start poker game at all as if there is no money to win then there is any sense to start a game.

The limits help to bring a game to an order. It helps to control each round. For example, the limit is 5 dollars. It means during the whole game in Texas Holdem online raise should be exactly as a limit bet, not higher than 5 dollars per round.

Poker Payouts

If you wish to play Texas Holdem online and really win keep learn two types of payouts. Remember them as rules above.

Trips payouts

Trips Payouts Payout Blind Payouts Payout


3:1 Others Push

Royal Flush

50:1 Royal Flush 500:1

Straight Flush

40:1 Straight flish 50:1

Four of a Kind(Quads)

30:1 Four of a Kind(Quads) 10:1
Full House 8:1 Full House 3:1


6:1 Flush 3:2


5:1 Straight 1:1

How to Play Poker Texas Holdem Online

Texas Holdem poker online is a game that may include several rounds. Each of them depends on the players and their desire and ability to parlay for a certain amount. Let’s see how it goes. Remember that before every round all the participants make a bet. The Texas Holdem rules about bets are described above.

We will not describe the whole process of the game but the essence of each round to show you possible scenario and steps you can take.

  1. In the beginning in online Texas holdem poker players make a blind bet.
  2. Now they get 2 cards face down, they are also called hole ones. Now it’s time to make a bet or fold.
  3. There are special cards in the center of the table which are called the community cards. They all are face up. A player can take up to 3 cards in addition to his 2 cards to compose a hand. Now players make a bet or fold, again.
  4. Now the 4th card of community is dealt. The players make a bet or fold.
  5. The 5th community card is dealt. Support or fold.
  6. Now all players who are still in the game show all their 5 cards and define who wins. The winning is the whole sum of money that was bet during the whole game, all 4 rounds.

This is how Texas Holdem poker game is led. You realize now why it’s called the most gambling game of all times.

Texas holdem strategy

Online Texas Holdem is a hot mixture of cool mind and adrenaline splash in your veins. We should devote the whole chapter to question of Texas Holdem strategy but there will be too much information already. The experienced players advise to follow just 3 rules.

  1. Keep your mind cool and never allow yourself feeling frustrating whatever is happening at the table.
  2. Play aggressively – it’s more a behaviour rule that makes your rivals be cautious and feel less confident.
  3. Stay in the game as long as possible. It’s always better to bet than to fold. After all, keep in mind that online Texas Holdem is a game with huge amount of luck in it.