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Taiga Pokie Online

Play for free
Min. Bet1
Max. Bet400

The Taiga Casino Slot Plot

Taiga is a unique ability to feel the world of nature. You can dive into the deep forest with its beautiful sounds, staying in your cozy room. This is not just the online slot, which gives you a chance to earn some prizes. This is a trial for real men, who feel the fire in their blood. This game makes you become a huntsman, who fights alone against the wild animals on his way. You are about to be an expert in the world of wild nature. Are you ready to meet animals in the woods? There are some of them: a little squirrel, fox, gray wolf, a big brown bear, and even a beautiful tiger. Also, you can find some fruits and berries.

The Taiga Online Slot Features

First opening this game, you may feel like you are entering the misty forest… The interface is simple and really handy. It’s easy to learn how to bet and make your turn. There are five reels and 20 possible combinations, and the variety of symbols will make combos. There is a symbol that can substitute any other symbol on the table to make the combination – brown bear. This bear symbol can’t replace the tiger because the tiger is a bonus symbol. Once you hit the tiger symbol, you are getting a free spin. The realistic landscape of a real Taiga will create mystery atmosphere of the game. So you will enjoy playing much more.

One of the best experiences you might ever have.

Fighting against the wildness, using your huntsman’s flair and luck you will have a chance not only to win but get best gaming experience and fun. The secret is just thrilling – minimum of rules and a maximum of winnings. You can start playing instantly by one click. When you reach for online Casino website where you can play for free, test your luck and intuition on bets! Also, you have an opportunity to bet real money, like a huntsmen risk in Taiga, betting their lives. But in this game risk is undisputable rewarding!
Taiga is an excellent example of spectacular game. It brings you to the wild world; this is game that wakes your inner hunter spirit, all your instincts will be sharpened. Call for your luck and animals will bring you trophies and bounties because only the strongest ones get them all.