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Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt for Blackwood Pokie Online

Sorry, no demo :(
Provider IGT
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Min. Bet 0.6
Max. Bet 300

A game with the main theme and gameplay centered on the eccentric detective is almost a must for any online casino, seeing the amount of interest that this awkward character still incites. But still, no matter how many similar games are out there, new angles to attack this issue can be easily found, as the gaming software operators are not recognized for lack of creativity. Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood online slot recreates the story that can be seen in the Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law movie, but besides their iconic figures that appear on the reels, the gameplay presents a multitude of bonus rounds and special features that are going to keep any player on their toes.

Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood pokie game review

This video slot has a couple of years that have passed since its release, following the action of the Hollywood movie and the release for the mobile version happening on November 2015. It was a necessary development, that of accessibility on the mobile phones, seeing how the whole world is oscillating towards this trend and thus, Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood slot, can be enjoyed on both iOS and Android software devices.

The gambling activities depend a lot on the technical aspects of this activity and what the game is ready to offer in this field. So, the slot has 5 reels and 3 lines, offering 30 paylines. The game has been created by IGT software developer and ensures a 96.40% RTP, which is on the high end of this specific ratio, clearly being a slot that favors the players. The 30 paylines are fixed, and every line needs to have a bet on it on all times. The amount that can be wagered ranges between 0.60 and 600 dollars.

Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood features

The real thrill of the hunt can only be seen while playing the game and finding out the special features that Holmes has spread around for the players to discover. The Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood IGT demo does justice to the game and reveals all the essential traits, although there are few things that can compare to the pleasure felt when you play for real money. The game has three categories of special means to win, depending on the type of combinations that the reels reveal:

  • Multipliers
  • Bonus rounds
  • Special features.


These are the classic combinations of symbols that appear on the reels, with combinations of a minimum 3 up to 5 appearances. The size of the multiplier depends, first on the number of times that the specific symbol reveals itself and, of course, on the type of the token, some having a higher value than others. For instance:

  • There are Sherlock’s personal items that lie around, waiting to be picked up for multipliers of 5 to 30 times
  • Inspector Lestrade and Mary Morstan up the bet from 10 to 75 times
  • Watson and Holmes, portrayed by the actors Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr go for an increased bet of 20 to 100 times its value
  • The big jackpot appears when the Sherlock Holmes logo appears, going for an increase in worth of 50 to 500 times.

Bonus rounds

The in-game bonus rounds consist of three types of fast playing games, with real possibilities at scoring high:

  • The Picker Puzzle is a game put in motion by landing on all uneven reels three bonus symbols. This transports you into Holmes’ room where you get the chance at picking up 5 items belonging to the detective, gaining the opportunity to receive cash prizes, or the hunt, or Blackwood wheel symbols.
  • Blackwood Wheel Bonus is launched if one picks up at least 3 Blackwood symbols in the Picker Puzzle game. The play consists of 10 free spins of the wheel. Landing on cash means you get cash while landing on Blackwood for three times means you’re out of the game. There is also a double bonus here if one manages to go through all 10 spins without landing for three times on the Blackwood.
  • The Hunt Free spins bonus is the most likely bonus to get out of the Picker Puzzle game, and it triggers 10 free spins. The background of the reels is going to reveal a map with five positions marked. If Sherlock enters any of these marked places, it becomes a sticky figure, meaning it would not move until the reset of the bonus round.

Special features

If all mentioned above haven’t convinced you yet to give it a shot, the game also has in store for each player a series of special features, such as:

  • Mystery Multiplier feature that randomly attaches to any spin a 2 to 10 times multiplier for any winning line
  • Teamwork feature is another randomly triggered trait, which brings Sherlock and Watson together in a single symbol, worth more when entering combinations than them set apart.

Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood plot

For both the fans of the Guy Ritchie movie as for those others that simply want to enjoy a detective-themed slot, there is the option for Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood to play online free, without decreasing the value of the gameplay one bit. The plot of the game takes us through the story of catching and bringing to justice of the criminal Blackwood while going through the messy and eccentric life of main character, Sherlock Holmes.

The symbols are made out of pieces pertaining and describing in a detailed fashion, Holmes’ peculiarities, such as his pipe, magnifier glass, pocket watch, violin, as well as Gladstone, his dog. A couple more characters come up to complete the mise-en-scene, like Lestrade of the Scotland Yard, Mary Morstan, or the regular figure of Doctor Watson.


Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood pokie seems like a very enjoyable, mystery-filled slot, where doing the work of a detective certainly pays off huge amounts of money in the end. For a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, this video slot from IGT might just be what the doctor ordered. Doctor Watson, that is. And the in-game bonus rounds, the randomly selected special features ensure an alert and dynamic gameplay in the manner that it’s quite easy to forget about the time slipping by, while simply enjoying the thrill of the hunt.