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Wild Wolf Pokie Online

Wild Wolf
Play for free
Min. Bet0.01
Max. Bet250

Staying in front of the computer while enjoying a nice afternoon of online gambling, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of also admiring some natural scenery and setting sight on some spectacular wildlife. In order for these seemingly excluding options to take place at the same time, perhaps a view on Wild Wolf slot is advisable. Check out what this game has to offer in the following review.

Wild Wolf Pokie Game Review

This is one of the most representative video slots pertaining to the renowned online slots software providers IGT. Following a line of known games from this same software operator, this comes with a number of improvements, clear to see firsthand, especially if comparing it with its predecessor, Wolf Run.

So, as far as technical specifications go, this is a 5 reels slot, but it comes with a high number of no less than 50 paylines. The betting spread is large, being able to place bets between 1 AUD and 2500 per each betting line. This makes the possible winning outcome to be quite a large sum while taking into account that the specified RTP for this slot is 94.97%.

Additionally to all said before, playing Wild Wolf online is possible on mobile devices, as well. The software operator made all the necessary configurations for swift gameplay on both iOS and Android-based devices.

Wild Wolf Features

Playing this game, besides the plot and gameplay itself, one of the main expectations is revolving around the option to play for real money, while awaiting some wealth-making money as an outcome. Sure, it’s not really wise to go head-first into the game, if it’s not something you’re familiar with. The software operator thought of everything, and therefore they put in place a Wild Wolf IGT demo just to try out a few things and get acquainted with the symbols and the winning combinations.

While we’re at it, let’s go together through the types of winning symbols and their significance, such as:

  • First off, the playing cards symbols pay, when found in combinations of at least 3, between 5 credits, up to 150 credits. This depends on the specific value of the playing card, with 9 to Q giving out the least money, while a dashing combination of Kings and Aces go for a higher value.
  • The real money starts with the specific symbols, the two totem poles having a higher significance transposed into more credits. The wolves are, of course, the stars of the show, with ensuring the highest wins. For instance, 5 combinations of the black wolf get the player as much as 500 credits, while the same combo of wolves howling at the moon could pay out up to 1000 credits.
  • The wolf howling at the moon is also the wild symbol. As in any other games, this means it can be used to replace any other symbol in order to ensure the maximum of winning combinations on the 5 reels.
  • There is a specific scatter symbol, in the shape of a bonus symbol, which any player can imagine, also triggers the bonus round, but only when found on the 3 center reels.

The bonus round is the one that could really pay out the top dollars. It comes in the form of 5 free spins, accompanied by the doubling of the total bet. The bonus round also consists in an option to retrigger the free spins available, to another additional 5 spins.   

Wild Wolf Plot

The Wild Wolf pokie has a very explicitly stated theme, which stands out right from the title. It’s an online casino that focuses on the fierceness of this impressive beast, the wolf. The action takes place in a conifer forest, the specific environment where one might find a wild wolf. Besides the pack of black wolves that show up on the reels from time to time, among playing cards symbols, there are another two funny looking totem poles that come to complete the visual effects of this game.

To top the whole gaming experience, the soundtrack transposes players right in the midst of that pine forest, surrounded by the howls of the feared wolves.


Getting immersed in the full experience of Wild Wolf play online free slot, might just be the only time any of the players is more than glad to see a full pack of wild wolves. Without any of the out of the ordinary visual effects that the latest slots pride upon, this pokie still offers enjoyable gameplay, with decent images, completed by the background sounds of howls.

The plot is sustained by the possibility of winning high amounts, especially when entering the bonus round with free spins and double the total bet. The wild symbol of the howling wolf fills up the overall image. An enjoyable game, with a well-represented theme and an option to win big, that’s the sum-up of the whole experience.